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Vape 24 50/50 Black Astaire E-Liquid

Black Astaire

A blend of aniseed, menthol and blackcurrant notes. A deliciously bold combination.

Vape 24 50/50 Black Ice E-Liquid

Black Ice

A dark, rich blackcurrant provides the base of the eliquid with notes of cooling menthol.

Vape 24 50/50 Black Jack E-Liquid

Black Jack

A strong aniseed taste creating a unique vape experience.

Vape 24 50/50 Blackcurrant E-Liquid


A rich, fruity blend with sweet and sour notes. A balanced, refined vape experience.

Vape 24 50/50 Blue Slush E-Liquid

Blue Slush

A confectionery blend with an icy aftertaste. A distinct blue slushie.

Vape 24 50/50 Blueberry E-Liquid


A berry fruit blend. The taste of sweet yet tart blueberry is present from inhale.

Vape 24 50/50 Bubblegum Candy E-Liquid

Bubblegum Candy

A candy blend with a sugary taste. An overall sweet bubblegum flavour.

Vape 24 50/50 Cherry Menthol E-Liquid

Cherry Menthol

A fruit blend containing a chilled kick. A sweet cherry provides the base of the vape.

Vape 24 50/50 Forest Fruits E-Liquid

Forest Fruits

A berry fruit medley, which plays between sweet and sour notes.

Vape 24 50/50 Heizen E-Liquid


The perfect mix of berries, blue raspberry and grape on the inhale with cool mint.

Vape 24 50/50 Ice Mint E-Liquid

Ice Mint

A fresh-tasting blend, featuring a strong mint flavour throughout.

Vape 24 50/50 Lemon & Lime E-Liquid

Lemon & Lime

A combination of zesty lemon and lime on inhale is complemented by an ice aftertaste.

Vape 24 50/50 Menthol E-Liquid


A cool and smooth combination. A light and sweet menthol flavour with floral notes.

Vape 24 50/50 Mojito E-Liquid


Inspired by the popular cocktail, blending a distinct mojito base with zesty notes.

Vape 24 50/50 Pear Drops E-Liquid

Pear Drops

A confectionary blend and a homage to the famed Pear Drop candy.

Vape 24 50/50 Pinkman E-Liquid


A sweet and juicy blend. The taste of mixed fruits with hints of citrus and fruits.

Vape 24 50/50 Red A E-Liquid

Red A

Sweet mixed berries and bitter grape with a cooling menthol eucalyptus on aftertaste.

Vape 24 50/50 Rhubard & Custard E-Liquid

Rhubarb & Custard

A base of rich custard is combined with the taste of tart yet sweet rhubarb.

Vape 24 50/50 Strawberry Kiwi E-Liquid

Strawberry Kiwi

Juicy strawberries with refreshing kiwi. This ticks every box if you are a fan of fruit juice.

Vape 24 50/50 Tobacco E-Liquid


Real depth, with a smoky aftertaste. Subtle undertones of honey, for a sweet exhale.

Vape 24 50/50 Tropical E-Liquid


The striking touch of the succulent, fragrant goodness of tropical fruits.

Vape 24 50/50 Tutti Fruity E-Liquid

Tutti Fruity

A fusion of tropical, berry, citrus and garden fruits creates a distinct medley.

Vape 24 50/50 Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

Vanilla Custard

A deliciously smooth and creamy custard  juice with a soft and gentle vanilla aftertaste.

Vape 24 50/50 Vimto E-Liquid


A soda-inspired blend. The juicy taste of mixed berries present on inhale and exhale.

Amazing Flavours


Choose from 25 Unique and Amazing Vape 24 50/50 flavours all with a simple yet very effective flavour profile that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Vape 24 50/50 Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid

Virginia Tobacco

Real depth, with a smoky aftertaste. This is combined with subtle undertones of honey.

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